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Understanding IRS Error Codes for Form 2290 E-filing

Understanding IRS Error Codes for Form 2290 E-filing


Filing Form 2290 electronically is a swift and easy way to get your heavy highway vehicle use tax (HVUT) paid. However, sometimes your e-filing may not go through, and the IRS might send you an error code message. These error codes can be confusing, and without understanding the problem, you may face difficulties in correcting the errors. In this blog, we will help you understand the most common IRS error codes you may encounter while e-filing Form 2290.

Error Code 1: EIN not found

This error code arises when the EIN (Employer Identification Number) you have entered does not match with the IRS records. It may also occur if you have recently applied for an EIN and have not waited for two weeks before filing Form 2290. You can resolve this error by using an accurate EIN or by waiting for two weeks after your EIN application's confirmation.

Error Code 2: Duplicate filing

If you have already filed Form 2290 for the same vehicle and tax period, then you may receive this error code. However, if you have not filed a tax return for the same vehicle and tax period, then you should contact the IRS for more information.

Error Code 3: VIN not found

This error code arises when the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is incorrect or not listed in the IRS database. Please make sure you have entered the VIN correctly and verify it against your vehicle registration documents. If the VIN is correct and still not found in the IRS database, you should contact the IRS.

Error Code 4: Exceeds the vehicle count

If you have entered more than 25 vehicles on a single tax return, you may receive this error code. To avoid this error, you should file multiple tax returns, with no more than 25 vehicles per return.

Error Code 5: Incorrect tax year selected

This error code arises when you have selected an incorrect tax year. If you have not paid the tax for the previous year, select the correct tax year and pay the tax due. If you have already paid for the current year but selected the incorrect tax year, you should file a tax amendment for the correct tax year.

Error Code 6: Incorrect first use month

This error code arises when the first use month of the vehicle is incorrect or has not been entered. The first use month is the month in which the vehicle was first used on the public roads. Make sure you have entered the correct first use month.

Understanding the IRS error codes for Form 2290 e-filing can help you resolve issues quickly and avoid penalties or interest charges. By being aware of the errors and their solutions, you can simplify the e-filing process and ensure timely payment of your HVUT. You can also use an IRS-authorized e-file provider like SimpleTruckTax that simplifies the filing process and automatically checks for errors before submission.